Olya Wright is a classically trained painter who paints watercolour, oil, acrylic, and graphic works.

Commission portraits: please contact me (using the form below) if you would like to commission a custom portrait.  Then I'll contact you and request some photos to work from, and consult with you on the type and character of portrait you are interested in.  The rates below are for a composition of one person.  If you want a different format or composition, let me know, and we can arrange a rate.  Your  portrait will be done using high quality materials.  Typically, an 11 x 14 would be just a face/head, a 16 x 20 is suitable for head and shoulders, and 18 x 24 would include torso and arms.  Depending on the size and complexity, portraits can be completed in less than a week. Custom paintings of subjects other than portraits can be arranged.

Payment is generally completed through PayPal.

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